We specialize in advocacy and legal advice. We seek efficient legal solutions, representing clients' interests in court and offering sound guidance for informed decisions. We collaborate closely with companies and individuals, providing legal insights to overcome corporate challenges.

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Results for the Law Practice:

The team at Lauffer is committed to legal issues involving federal taxes, state and municipal taxes, especially the recovery of unduly paid taxes, defense in case of infringement, and legal reports.

Excellence in corporate advisory and planning, including corporate restructuring, purchase and sale of businesses, quotas and assets, asset drop-down.

Objective and efficient work in all stages of a negotiation, advising clients from contract writing, negotiation, and analysis of previous drafts and memos, and writing and reviewing complex contracts in several fields aiming at minimizing risks and liability.

Family holding, allocation of assets among heirs, guidance on asset division, representation in estate inventory and consensual divorces, as well as writing and analyzing agreements, wills, family agreements, and further relevant documents.

General corporate restructuring, and domestic, foreign and multinational corporate acquisitions, transformations, incorporations, fusions, and splits.

Results for the Tax Advice:

Proactive advisory to Brazilian and foreign individuals and corporations in interpreting and applying federal, state and municipal tax norms, covering the strategic analysis of tax and fiscal issues.

Tax structuring by analyzing legal acts and businesses that corporations intend to carry out, aiming at reducing taxes using previous studies conducted according to each business activity.

Analysis of tax credits collected by the Federal, State and Municipal governments aiming at identifying tax credits used by corporations.

Review of labor and social security tax management, as well as compliance with relevant laws and further obligations.

Legislation compliance analysis, calculations, practical application review of methods used by the taxpayer, and audit monitoring.

Advisory services in obtaining and applying Federal, State and Municipal tax incentives, advising corporations in writing project proposals, starting actions, and holding meetings with government offices.

Corporate restructuring complying with tax and commercial laws to promote tax and succession planning.

The firm offers a wide range of services in tax consulting to ensure effective management of tax costs in direct and indirect taxes such as the Brazilian Tax on Commerce and Services (ICMS), Brazilian Tax on Commerce and Services – Tax Substitution (ICMS/ST), Brazilian Tax on Industrialized Goods (IPI), Brazilian Program of Social Integration Tax (PIS) and Brazilian Contribution for the Financing of Social Security Tax (COFINS), and the Brazilian Tax on Services (ISS) and Corporate Income Tax/ Social Contribution Over Corporate Net Profit (IRPJ/CSLL).

Our consulting services also involve writing precise and specialized legal reports in tax and corporate law.

Issuance of fair value or fair market value reports for net assets.


Specialized company valuation services, allowing a clear and accurate view of the company's real value. We use recognized methodologies and a personalized approach to make decisions about the sale of companies, entry and exit of partners, investments, mergers and acquisitions, or succession planning.

Due diligence services to ensure that corporate transactions are carried out with maximum security and transparency. Our highly qualified team, made up of lawyers and accountants, thoroughly analyzes the legal, financial and operational aspects involved, identifying potential risks and opportunities. Minimize risks and maximize the value of your transactions with our due diligence services.

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