About Us
About Us

For more than 35 years, Lauffer has been providing advocacy and legal advice.

Its history of success has been built upon exceptional client services on over the past 35 years. Throughout the years, the firm has built a strong reputation prioritizing quality, ethics, accountability, and transparency in its practices and services.


We specialize in advocacy and legal advice. We seek efficient legal solutions, representing clients' interests in court and offering sound guidance for informed decisions. We collaborate closely with companies and individuals, providing legal insights to overcome corporate challenges.

Law Practice

The firm provides excellence in the fields of tax and corporate law. Our qualified professionals are highly regarded in their areas of expertise, and are committed to offering objective, innovative and safe solutions. Our clients collect effective results and accumulate a history of successful cases in our practices.

Law Practice

Tax Advice

We have recognized experience in tax and accounting advisory, providing ideas and solutions that offer savings and security to national and international clients. The professional team at Lauffer is highly trained and experienced, delivering several consulting and advisory services.

Tax Advice


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